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What is an architect?
An architect is an accredited and registered professional trained in architectural design. 
In really simple terms we design building spaces, how they connect and how the building will look.

The title 'Architect' is protected by the Architects Act 2003, and can only be used by persons who are on the NSW Register of Architects. More information regarding architects can be found at www.architects.nsw.gov.au.

Working with your architect
First time working with an architect? Below is a link with a guide prepared by the NSW Architects Registration Board with some general information about working with your architect.
Working with your architect consumer guide.pdf

What is Visualisations or 3D Rendering / Virtual Reality?
With technology moving very fast we can prepare traditional physical to visualisations or 3d renderings to help you visualise the design before it gets built. This can reduce delays and save money for changes if it were incurred otherwise during construction.

What if I have a difficult site?
We have a vast amount of experience in difficult sites. 

How much will my design cost to build?
We take your budget very seriously. We understand that creative projects need to balance brief and budget. After our initial consultation, we will evaluate your priorities through the concept design. We can give you some ballpark figures and assist you to engage a quantity surveyor (QS) to keep control of the project costs. 

How long will it take?
This is very much dependent on the size and complexity of your project. 
Once we have our initial consultation with you, we would have a better understanding of your project then we can provide you with an estimated timeframe for the project.

How do you charge?
This is very much dependent on the size and complexity of your project. We provide a detailed fee proposal outlining a breakdown of the project into stages and the fees associated with it.
What is the first step?
Get in touch so we can discuss more about your project.
It would be useful if you can bring along the following to the initial consultation:

   - survey plan of the property
   - section 10.7 (formerly known as a section 149) and sewer diagram of the property
   - your brief / list of your requirements or ideas for the project

What is a Complying Development?
Complying development is a combined planning and construction approval for straightforward developments. Complying development can be applied for construction of a new dwelling house, alterations and additions to a house, new industrial buildings, demolition of a building, and changes to a business use. More information regarding Complying Developments can be found at www.planning.nsw.gov.au.

What is Sustainable Design?
Sustainable design is improving building performance by reducing negative impacts on the health, environment and comfort of the occupants. A sustainable design would consider such elements as building orientation, materials, thermal mass, insulation and passive solar design.  It also considers things like gas or solar hot water systems, LED lighting, solar panels, rainwater tanks for use in gardens, dual flush toilets, taps and water-saving shower heads.

What is a BASIX certificate?
BASIX is one of the strongest sustainable planning measures to be undertaken in Australia. BASIX aims to make all residential dwelling types in NSW energy and water efficient.
You will need a BASIX certificate if you are lodging a development application in NSW for a new home or for any alteration and addition of $50,000 or more to an existing home.
More information regarding BASIX can be found at www.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/planning-tools/basix.