why us

We provide Advice, Design, Documentation and Visualisations for your project.

Here are just a few reasons...

Originally founded in 2013 and drawing from over 19 years’ worth of industry experience. Our director has been working in the industry shaping and leading previous architectural practices prior to TTA Studio Architects.

Our portfolio of projects demonstrates a wide-ranging experience in the delivery of projects across all scale of residential and commercial developments. Our services are not only limited to design, we can also manage the process.

We are Registered Architects
The title 'Architect' is protected by the Architects Act 2003, and can only be used by persons who are on the NSW Register of Architects. More information regarding architects can be found at

To become a registered architect a person is required to go pass the Architects Board's examination. This process is lengthy and can average ten years of university to registration.

Client Focus
We are a boutique practice providing an intimate and hands-on engagement, close communication and responsiveness to each project. 

Hands On
Being a boutique practice, we do not take on too many projects as our director maintains involvement in every project. This provides clearer communication and maintains a higher level of personalised service throughout your project. 

We can manage on your behalf
The process can become complex especially if you have not been through the process before. We can manage consultants, council lodgement and some other items for you to make the journey smoother.

With technology moving very fast, we endeavor to stay up to date. We can prepare visualisations or 3d renderings to help you visualise the design before it gets built. This can reduce delays and save money for changes if they were incurred otherwise during construction.

Practical Design Solution
We are well placed to provide practical and feasible solutions for your project.

An established network of disciplines including consultants such as surveyors, structural, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical engineers, planners, access, quantity surveyors, certifiers and more.